It Matters Not What I Can Bring, I Earned The Right To Be Crowned A King!



(Outkast By Many So I Lobbied Like An Atlien)

Stop writing like that on facebook is what they told me.

You look crazy as hell in them videos is what they said.

A fool that walks off a cliff over and over is what my zodiac tarot card says.

Do not try to fight the upcoming battle you will face because you will not win was the statement made when it popped off months ago.

I fight everyday, I work everyday.

My ex-girlfriend gave me money to move, instead I blew it because I wanted to be with the Queen.

Traded in my life for the sake of the Queen. I am but a Prince.

Traded in my life to please everyone around me. I put their hardships ahead of mine because I was thankful of the little that I had.

Traded in what I loved and always wanted to do in order to try to get my mother assistance that still has yet to come.

Traded in my wisdom and became a fool because I wanted love knowing well it does not exist in my life.

Traded in my heart for a married woman because I felt the time had came where she just could not take anymore. I love you, Jannah!Screenshot_20170824-183608

My life is over. I sacrificed my life for the compassion, love, sympathy, loyalty and so forth I felt others needed knowing it would not be returned. 

I sacrificed my life for others who now live happily while my suffering deepens and the only excuse I am given is that class is in, take your lessons to hell with your blessings.

I sacrificed my life for those that needed me. Gave my last to a woman who later didn't want to give me a light for my cigarette.

I sacrificed my life for the good of others and now I am homeless. Rock bottom again, not the first time. One thing for certain, two for sure is there is no denying it.

In the end the captain goes down with his ship while watching others scramble for life boats and sail to safety.

In the end it will be many who proclaimed to be a King but are afraid of sacrifice. Many will sell out, I stayed firm and earned my demise. 

This is the end, I am now outside still trying to protect what is left of my mother’s belongings in a house I came to love on a corner I never really knew, connecting with my older brother more than ever. He listens, chastises, and assists with knowledge. I trust his judgement because that’s what he was born to do…weigh the scales.10402970_10204800227077648_7107454860850210836_n


One more fight, I am tired of falling. Now, my life may have been cut short from a head slam, or maybe what I spoke. I will fight til I take my left breath. 

Real Kings sacrifice themselves for the sake of others. Until you can handle that and much more of what other True Kings went through, if you cannot sacrifice your life for your kingdom you are not a King. I am a Prince making King moves. A gift that had to come from a King himself.Screenshot_20170824-022439.png

(Bruce E. Brannen- Natural Born Osiris, Zeus or whatever the trending attribute is today.)

There are many others who had it harder than I, but earned the right to be called King. If you cannot sacrifice your life for community please stop claiming a title you have yet to earn.

Gave up my life to commit to a fraternity that I have yet to be officially accepted into. I am not King I am of Kings. I am not King I am a Prince. I am Me. Who are You?PhotoGrid_1482650105229.png

P.S. To my mother and sisters as well as children I love you.

To all the women who rejected, played, or turned their back on me saying I play to much I feel the need to drop a reminder of what I wrote.

Screenshot_20170821-081010L. Anthony Brannen- 08/25/2017


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