What Was I To Say When They All Ran Away?

I am not fixed I am sick and off Rotation

The complete opposite of my Eye’s Desire

Who I am grounds me in a Location

Separate from hers as I rage with Fire

Maybe she did recognize the truth underneath the Mask

This has proven to be an extremely difficult Task

I had developed a Plan with a full house in Hand

How could I explain to any of them that I was forced on stage before they all Ran

Do you all think I expected this? I understand your departure but at least be a Fan

I am tired, I am Worn, I may be depressed but I am not Scorn, nor am I a savior so keep your Thorn, shout out to Joseph Christie and rest of First Born

Just how I feel these Days, while the critics define me by Age and expect me to work for a pay so minimum I can only claim a zero Wage

Bit by a bug I became obssessed with the Cage, conflict with fight promoters not on the same Page, defend myself and it’s seen as a drug induced Rage, through it all I still think about Brandy Blaze

If I could call up Bill Parcells and get one page from his Playbook, I would give the Hail Mary an unprecedented Look with a mediocre receiving corp coached by Captain Hook call it the Hail Mary Crook

A product of Marvin Pitmann I saw those Eagles take flight, Tracey Ham and Greg Hill Eyeing for the Strike JR. Revere cutting up the Turnpike

When Erk Russell called it quits GATA just wasn’t as Strong, until Paul Johnson showed up with a 52 variation Wishbone

Paulson Stadium rocking from the grass to Seats, 6 championships all came as Repeats

A product of Marvin Pittman aka an Eagle not a Crush, went to the restroom and ended up with Gus

True Story I care not for baseless Glory, before calling Chicken learn before we Mention

Chosen by who, by what, and Why, women if I knew I wouldn’t Lie, all of a sudden I don’t appeal to anyone’s Eye, I won’t Cry but I often Sigh

Guess it’s just a case of hard Luck, or maybe because I don’t have the Buck, maybe I am just an ugly Duck, either way as of today I am Fed Up

Can’t even go to the Will to sit and Chill while I print out forms trying to pay a Bill before voices go up Hill, how I Feel is some lips should just stay Sealed, They may not be Real but it is Very Real so I sit Still and watch the Grill

Attacks were swift over the air raining down on one Man, Threats to my family and I and I have to Stand, Chosen for a destructive psychological Plan, Still by myself because I have no Right Hand, Just me and Sand down from an Imaginary Dan, Told me to fly away if this Eagle wants to Land, 

Leave my family High and Dry to most likely Die, Run if I want to live tell my family Bye, I no longer wonder Why, just await my turn to Fry

Not being arrogant but prepare I didn’t even Try, My son and mother were threatened in an unfamiliar Land, Maybe I did show my Hand, Fed up I am and I have no Right Hand Man, still no knowledge of whether it is a Black or White Clan, threaten my family like and I come as one Man, Ignorance today from the Good Will Man made the Eagle Land, Meaning, before anyone says I Ran, I called the Director and told him to call out the Band, too Fed Up and it’s time for the Grand Stand

Humble I am and I carry no Gun just to have Fun, threaten my Mother and Son, Either way I’ve Won, Sacrifice my Life I might be rolling the Dice, I don’t want to but I Will get to the point where I have no Chill, I just remain humble so attack if that is how you truly Feel, even the most humblest of man cause Still get Trill, I have only came out strapped for one Reason, it’s beginning to feel like that Season, I am not born killer never been a Wild Bill, on Ice and therefore on Chill but even the weakest man has the animal instinct to Kill

Anthony L Brannen- 08/04/2017


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