Vegas Visions

Kindness is blindness in many situations, nose snotty better take out that perm, leave that hair knotty and make that hand firm.

Start thinking your wisdom is too deep to learn, you might find yourself melting hot before knowing you’re being burned.

Caught a blessing on the end why fret, change your Vision to Vegas with a Universal Mindset, see a potential profit place your bet, never get too haughty with what you expect, or else find yourself with an endless list of people you want to check.

And the purpose of this is not to sneak diss, it’s encouragement to catch what you normally miss, tricks can treat you through the roof, get caught up in the moment and find out you ain’t the only one with a sweet tooth, living proof will find the center of your attention hitting high notes in a vocal booth, no remorse knocking boots until the headboard gets knocked loose.

Sweaty bodies, sheets soak and wet, young cat out the hood hanging wood in that good while bragging on his set, change your Vision to Vegas with a Universal Mindset.

In Vegas where what goes on whether right or wrong stays, In Vegas where it’s not a sin for those twins to get it in running that check up playing house with high-rolling foreign men.

In Vegas where you are destined to lose long before you win and even then it’s a minor win just to prompt you to play again so they can come with a check specialized for your chin.

In Vegas, the city that never sleeps, play a little blackjack with the peeps, half-nude runners by the heaps, don’t go out too cheap, not every back with cotton wool is a sheep, listen for the beep signaling time to play for keeps.

In Vegas, where many free spirits tend to run when they flee, what lies within is a must-see, a city made just right for me if only I had the fee to visit a championship calibur throwback 1990-91 UNLV.

Stacy Augmon and L.J. making teams pay during their hayday, check the archives if there is any doubt in what I say.

Hell on the hardwood were the Runnin Rebels, although they burned themselves bringing hell to the Duke Blue Devils, like finding a spot in the desert and being given a shovel.

Have I grabbed your attention, Yet? So what if I can’t sing like Keith Sweat, So what if I can’t rap like Inspecta Deck, So what if my former colleagues cost me a Check, So what if you cross a wannabe Glenn Beck, So what if she worships with a separate Sect, So what if the money isn’t there for you to Collect, So what if your vehicle was totaled out in a Wreck, So what if the females are out playing but you are the one they Neglect, So what if you are not one of the chosen few they Select, So what if the Dawgs lost to Tech, So what if it seems everyday you’re hit with a lesson designed to Correct, Chance and Luck are still based on a Bet that will rarely if ever be deemed Incorrect as long as your Vision is in Vegas with a Universal Mindset.


The Joker: I have a habit of telling people I meet to relax because I am a Joker. Jokers are often not taken serious because of their innate nature to “Joke Around”. However, when we take a closer look at how a Joker is perceived during a game of spades we realize that females love playing with the Jokers while males love Ace High. In other words, many females want the Jokers in play while many males refuse to allow Jokers on the playing field. Hard but fair… I guess.


Blackjack: 21 and you’re on. A grown man but you can’t get too cocky because the game is designed for those who feel that they can pull at will. Act older than your age then you are on your own because it is a given that you will get busted. Like, three cards are relaxed and riding smooth. The auroa is high on fun as the decision is made to pick up the fourth card. And, it was the fourth card that got everyone in the vehicle busted. Some drive safe, some drive recklessly. I mean, why not? It’s Vegas, No Guts No Glory. Might get a better read by developing a need for speed.


Deuces: I feel the twins putting on in the City of Sin. Two is outstanding, Triplets and you’ve gone where very few men will ever go. You’ve earned your right to boast and brag about those banging Triplets you had. Exciting details of the night of passion you and the big 3 shared a while back just don’t hate on the college jock over there rocking the fitted hat. They say he had a mean squad in the form of a Quad. Let us not forget that Deuces just tend wear the number 2 like a young child, however all around the world they are still wild.


Royal Flush: Need I say more as I lay this hand down, grab my things and proceed towards the door. Five cards, same suit, from the 10 straight to the Ace and the walls just crumbled in its place. When Royalty hits the floor in the form of a flush, the war is no more as the opposition was crushed, loud noises and heavy voices brought to a hush as they begin raising the white flag in a rush. By the time it was seen going down, Royalty already has his crown on his way out of town before witnessing the first frown. Would have been natural to use spades but I felt using diamonds would be more clever. Yes, spades may be the Trump card but Diamonds Are Forever!


Anthony (Lawrence) Brannen-   August 1, 2017



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