Let the smooth taste fool you and watch the unassuming overrule you


Do you know who I am?

Do you know who you are?

Do you know who they are?

Why are we all here?

What is our purpose?


Would you believe me if I told you that I am that smooth taste that just fooled you? To believe that you would have to think deep. To not believe it you would have to think deeper. Come, take a dive with me into the dark, uncertain depths of the sea. No need to be afraid of that beautifully colored squid to our left he’s just on his journey. Besides, weren’t you just eating calamari a couple days ago. Yes, that is your delectable dish before it is pulled from it’s home and subsequently slaughtered en route to your favorite seafood eatery. Yes, that beautifully colored yet insanely scary creature is soon to be your smooth taste. Don’t let it fool you?

If a duck can pull a truck hook him up. Better hold on tight because that bull will buck. Depending on the lottery to change your life better have some luck. Let that smooth taste fool you and the opposition will overrule you.

It’s like this:


Grant them free will and I get fucked over, be firm and I’m a pimp. If that’s the case mankind got pimped long before the age of inception. Show respect and get disrespected, slap the hell out someone and I’m a madman.

Maybe I am, maybe not
Can’t be nice to a thot

Keep that EYE on colleagues standing behind my back with a knife

Wanna underhand me for fun but disqualify me if I fuck the wife

Some people in my life are just too damn shife

Ol’ Bruce must’ve been cutting loose with me in his semen, seems like the more I try to be of God, the more I wonder if I’m a Demon



Am I wrong for my Triple X Daydreams envisioning Virgo Peridot as my wife while the BBC creampies as she creams

Was I born like this or should I have passed up the fish, too much fire on the hill so the dragon got it’s wish blowing flames at the dames while the snake can only hiss, at the bottom of the Totem pole and I’m still a can’t miss

Am I moderate or sardonic
Some say that I’m demonic
When I reach another level
Am I dancing with the devil
If I heat up like Gary Payton
Am I tagged-teamed with Satan


She had a banging ass Bod
But told me Lucifer was God Entered Islam under Imam Rashad Whose firmness was offset by Sa’d They were like two peas in a Pod Sa’d was soft-spoken never Odd   But Rashad didn’t spare the Rod

Still want to poke and Prod Until those Yellow Jackets rain down from Bobby Dodd.

Sitting in shock while she’s yelling for fire as if she was under serious duress, made me believe in the unseen when she hit me with the lighter leaving a scar on my chest, faced my fear when I saw her possessed, what I witnessed that night was Satan at its best, but nonetheless I still passed the test

Room flooding out of nowhere from the window to my chair, scratching my head and found bugs in my hair stressed to the point I just sat back to stare, That’s when Noah appeared and said,” you better not dare, life is hard but fair, you were chosen so act like you care, honor your position like a true heir.”


Then “poof” he was out.

And for the next hour I thought about how many went sour, death threats expecting me to cower not knowing I’m slowly becoming Solomon to the 10th power, Queen Sheba watching from the towers I still gave away the flowers while throwing up my middle finger saying there is no dower.

David and Goliath, Cain and Abel, Jesus was okay until he knocked over that table, this is not a fable Jesus earned the wrong label playing with that money when he should’ve been home watching cable, born of the Holy Spirit healed the sick, put twelve disciples together and thought he had a solid clique, started feeling hisself a little bit playing with that tax money without knowing who he was really messing with, seeing those tables and that money hit the floor had to feel good for the moment, but even Jesus Christ had to learn the hard way “Not To Play With Those Romans”.


Adam and Eve making porn in the leaves, Satan in his loft laughing jacking off started clowning on Adam when Eve made him get off,

As she headed towards Satan who was impatiently waitin Adam was infuriated and started hatin, told Satan not to touch his girl, Satan just swirled, then doggystyled Adam’s girl while warning Adam that this is Satan’s world, Adam staring at Eve being X-rated mad as hell and couldn’t take it, one step forward and his soul felt lost,

Lucifer steady dogging Eve while telling Adam,” don’t let the woman be your boss or else find yourself lost keep on with the hard stare and it might just cost, like really Adam we all know you’re soft, I’m Lucifer and in my world I will have you knocked off. Adam throughout the age of Mankind, people are going to forever remain blind, I will say this one time:

‘Money will make the world go round and build lights upon shores, but the Earth is rich so it’ll never be money that start wars,

‘Did you see how Eve betrayed you with no remorse, I called her once, she came, I didn’t need to use force. Throughout the age of Man people will marry only to divorce. The man will be brawn but the woman deceitful, Kings will kill many Queens during the times of Medieval

‘For the deceit will make the brawn week, so it’s best you play for keeps, there will be women who claim to love a man deep yet bed his brother the next week, will that man enjoy life or drown himself in a creek, fall in love and your outlook is bleak

‘Adam, this is Lucifer talking to you. Yes, I just nailed your girl but this is my world, and that will not change so please learn the game, stay focused on the money and there will be plenty of honey, women will con just to have fun, lead a man on just to do him wrong, never expect loyalty because they are way too deceitful, but man will say money is the root of all evil, and by the time he sees it he’s too late, she came she saw she conquered, and now she’s on to her next date, now go on Adam, just be you, be Great!”


Anthony L. Brannen- August 2, 2017


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