Facebook has no face

The Trolls Are Here!

That’s what I’ve telling myself for the past few months. As I gaze across the bridge with the smile of an excited kid that sees his favorite toy and Christmas is near. The thought of securely crossing this massive brick structure has became bleak at the sight of the harrowing trolls.

Harrowing not because of what they were. Harrowing not because of their reputation to mangle as I’ve read in books. No, these are not your ordinary trolls. There is something very unique about these particular beings that I’ve never seen before. It wasn’t until the moment I placed my right foot on this very popular bridge named Facebook and began to bring my left foot that I realized the trolls had no face. 

The feeling of timidness eventually matriculated to fear but I still needed to get to the other. What was I to do when I never knew who was who? How was I expected to negotiate under daunting circumstances? When they asked me to speak I was misunderstood. A conversational tree that bares not fruit.

Then, a roaring laughter followed by more laughter. In the distant there were figures moving around playfully. I began to feel comfort within myself. Suddenly, they noticed I was being held captive by fear and encouraged me to dispel my thoughts and walk across with faith. An attempt was made yet I was forced to remain on the opposite side of glory. 

Why, I asked! Someone said because there is only one faith that can cross this bridge. Why, I asked! Someone said because he is your savior. Why, I asked! Someone said because it was written. I wrote too, I said. Someone said your writings do not matter. I just want peace, I said. Someone said you’re not going to get it. Why, I asked! No-one said anything. 

And as I thought to myself as to what was I to do my intuition said jump, my logic said you will not make it, my soul said release me, my heart said go for it, my mentality said you’re strong enough to handle the consequences. Am I? The consequence of failing this jump is death.

Then an angel said what do you have left. I thought only two breaths. In my head a heavy thump, in my chest a heavy pump. I closed my eyes ran, stomped, then I jumped…


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