Be careful of your interpretation before it costs a whole nation!

I talk a lot in my videos however most people don’t gauge my true statement so they make inaccurate assumptions. How we interpret a person’s statement is how our mind is developed to analyze words that we here in certain orders. 

Example: A guy on facebook called me bruh. Now, in my interpretation because I rarely if ever use the term bruh I take it as a person was not thrilled at something I said. If he would have said Bro I would have looked at it completely differently.

It’s all about interpretation within communication. I learned that in my civil law course. There are 4 phases of effective communication and if a person so much as words his sentence in a different way it can take on a completely different meaning. What people don’t consider is that that particular person’s vocabulary may not be advanced. That particular person may not speak formally but in slang. Vernacular language may be all that particular person knows. It’s many factors so when we make bold assumptions that if a person talks long enough we’ll figure that person out we’re underestimating what that person actually means in some cases and it’s not fair to make a judgement based on that alone.

Example: Got into an argument with a guy and almost had to fight because he misconstrued the meaning of a statement I made and tailored it in his mind under his interpretation and thought I meant something totally different.

It’s not uncommon to misinterpret to the point of incorrect judgement. If I’m wrong why do Jehovah Witnesses, Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal etc… read from the same book yet are split into all of these factions. That itself shows the seriousness of interpreting a person’s words.

I personally believe that the phrase “esoteric knowledge” was born into society for that very reason. Only a few can read what the majority of the human population may see as just an average sentence and understand and/or instantly see it’s true meaning. It’s as if we will always speak the truthfully while speaking falsely at the same time depending on our audience. 

Therefore, I’m willing to say we are all philosophers living in a paradoxical universe separated by wisdom and knowledge. A ranking system was made long before any of us currently living were conceived, hence the levels.

As for me, it’s exactly 3:25 a.m. and I’m up with nothing to do, upset because I’ve been relegated to my room for what seems like an eternity. Uncommon sense says it is all for the good so I began to make videos in an effort to gain traction as I trek higher up the mountain.

Due to the diversity of my mentality what interests me did not interest most of my peers so I tend to speak somewhat differently at times because speech is like an accent- Northerners have a different accent from southerners-; if I’m more inclined to read articles out of Time magazine or any other non-fiction publishing or a John Gresham novel and the person next to me is more inclined to read urban novels our sentence structure will definitely differ in most cases. 

Yet there were times when peers of mine actually made the idiotic statement  “you’re trying to talk like a white person” because of my chosen verbiage. That’s a completely ignorant concept that blatantly attacks a dark-skinned man’s ability just because most of us are programmed to believe we’re inferior and must refrain from speaking or writing formally.

Truth is, I didn’t use a dictionary to write this blog. As more people get to know me they begin to see I hate referencing and researching. My blogs come straight from the gray matter; obscured by all the nonsense and negativity until some people formed a circle around me and forced it out. 

In closing, let’s all just think about how quick we are to refer to a person as lame. In the “hood” it’s to insult someone that wants to do something other than thuggin. However, in actuality it only means that that person does not share your same interests- in social terms. With that said I’ll end this with my favorite paradoxical statement:

Everybody is lame, including me.

Be Blessed!!!
       Lawrence Brannen  (04/29/2017)


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