Finally, the friends turned foes will determine who is the real bantamweight king at UFC 213

(Garbrandt is pictured at the top, Dillashaw at the bottom.)

Ahhh, the amazing and electrifying atmosphere of the UFC’s bantamweight division. For those of us who do not patronize the UFC regularly here is the rundown:

1. TJ Dillashaw knocked out Renan Barao in a championship title fight that saw the 135 pound strap change hands putting all 135’ers on notice that a new sheriff is in town.

2. Dillashaw followed that up with another knockout of Bars in a rematch that ultimately forced Barao to move up to the featherweight division.

3. Dillashaw then faced Dominick Cruz in a closely contested title fight that capped an inspirational comeback that saw Cruz take what was rightfully his.

4. Garbrandt usurped the title from Cruz in a battle that demeaned Cruz’s herald fighting technique and allowed Garbrandt to showboat as they went the distance.

5. Now, Garbrandt and Dillashaw, whose been at each other’s throat since Dillashaw left Team Alpha Male, are set to face off at UFC 213 and Urijah Faber is foreseeing a knockout as two of his protégés step into the octagon looking for nothing less than a finish.

My take:

Very likely! Highly likely! First round likely! However, we must always remember that where one person is more talented than the other that same person is also less talented than it’s opposition in another area meaning: 

Yes, Cody Garbrandt is more of a hard hitter with the power to leave a guy two stepping while he closes the deal in style.However, TJ Dillashaw, or TJ Killashaw as some has chosen to nickname him, is a finesse guru with speed and quickness on a high level. Let’s not forget the “sacrificial lamb” connotation he received as he prepared to step into the octagon and face Renan Barao, who virtually had a decade long winning streak. 

Killashaw paid it no mind, ignored the haters, went in the cage and knocked Barao out in an upset that shocked the MMA world in dramatic fashion as he entered the cage that night with nothing but a strong determination that prevailed and saw him exit with a gold belt signifying that the king has been overthrown. 

Might I add that Killashaw matched that knock out with a smooth and efficient clean up in his rematch against Barao. 

So, as we prepare to watch what’s expected to be an intense battle between two former allies let’s not underestimate the ability of Dillashaw although the analytics spells a knockout by Garbrandt. Be Blessed!!!

      Lawrence Brannen 

            April 18, 2017



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