Eventually, the time will come. 

   Quote by Lawrence Brannen:

Eventually, the time will come.

Yes, it will most certainly come.

Although we will hate when the time has come. 

            —Lawrence Brannen (Quote 2017)

I know you all are tired of me walking right while keeping my eyes left. I just want to say to whoever you are that I’ve never felt the support the way I do. I’ve never felt like people have two shakes about me. I find myself questioning of this is a joke; when it’s over will I be nothing more than a laughing stock. 

I cry almost nightly because I feel like my mother and I will be separated soon. I pray we aren’t but life will eventually make it’s cycle and I don’t know if I would be able to handle it. So, I just try to get all of the tears out because I know she’s not telling me what I want to hear. I just know this one thing, well two actually:

1. When it’s time to come into my life whoever you all are better come. Please, I’m serious.

2. To whoever prayed for me and everyone else please understand that methamphetamine is not cocaine. Totally different addiction. Although, I can proudly say I’m doing better I’m still a failure until I’m able to call the dogs off for good.

That’s not making excuses. Just 3-4 weeks ago I came close to jumping in the river or canal. That was depression. It’s either I’m high or low. It matters to me because I don’t want to let anyone including myself down.

Regardless of the final outcome you all changed me using a mechanism I truly hate- yes, I really hate learning this way- but I wouldn’t trade it for any other method.

I love you all. I truly do. Be Blessed!!!


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