Will we remain on opposite sides or will we all just compromise?

As I sit here listening to these motivational downloads I begin to think about my mother, Mrs. Elaine Evelyn Brown. I remember refusing to delete the rap/hip hop in favor of the motivational downloads. I gradually started listening more and more until I just cleaned house and made a playlist on YouTube.

But this is not about me, nor is it about my mother. I remember posting that writing about being in the struggle. My mother never wanted to hear it. Me being stubborn I tried to justify my reasoning. What always followed was an argument? 

Today, I tend to keep quiet while I’m fighting my way out of an invisible box that hinders my maximum performance. So, as I sit here listening to Led Brown and Eric Thomas I understand why she tacitly states that I am refusing to man up. Sometimes I argue back, but out of 34 years I knew long ago I’ll never win that battle.

Again, this is not about my mother and I rather the will and determination it takes to succeed in reaching out potential. And what’s even more perplexing is the battle of child support:

1. A man that complains about the position child support guidelines must ask himself can be beat the system? If the answer is no-which is the answer highly-expected the he must ask himself why didn’t he sign that petition to reform the child support guidelines? 

Note: I hear the talk about me and I see the jokes but it’s very clear I’m bout the action as well- I pay my dues to the businesses on the come up. 

2. Women, before running to the judge to inform “your honor” that the father has change jobs and makes more money ask yourself what have you been doing to change the situation? Before reaching your hand out for extra money to keep up with the Joneses around tax time ask yourself why you couldn’t walk a quarter mile to work because it’s too far. 

It’s rhetorical so save your breath.

Anyway, my point is:

A. My mother who is suffering from many health conditions walked to Georgia Southern to attend class while working to provide for four (4) children. 

B. My mother used to leave early in the mornings and drive from Portal Ga. to Savannah Ga. to attend Armstrong Atlantic then come back home and might work a 12 hour shift if it calls for it. All while providing for four  (4) children with little to no government assistance. We got some but in my opinion it wasn’t enough.

Bottom line is that we men need to stop complaining if we’re not going to take action. It’s not a hate war, it’s business. I love the mothers of my children, but this is business. My children are my drive and I know how to file a legitimation claim if I want to, but I’m trying to do good business. Understand my friends and followers. I knew you would.

The other bottom line is that women who children by men who actually want to be in their child’s life should stop using the child as a mechanism and take the dollar signs of their foreheads because children are not paychecks they’re human beings. 

If my disabled mother did that then a man better be able to do it at twice that rate.  Same goes for the women, don’t be too pretty to walk a quarter of a mile to go to work. We all need to compromise on both sides because I look at what my mother did as a single parent of 4 children. She didn’t cry for child support she got out and made her money, went to school, earned that RN.

She got out and got it and I respect my mother for being more of a man and women than I could ever be. I’m sure there are many more mothers out there that did the same if not work harder to provide for their children. It’s the truth and I ask that any incensed characters with hurt feelings just suck it up and work harder.

WILL AND DETERMINATION is what keeps the money flowing when that child support obligation comes to an end. This is not a hate speech. I have no desire to make enemies because I have enough problems trying to fix myself as I build. So, if anyone feels as though I’m taking shots just let it go because I  love the support, I truly do. 

However, if I had something say about a particular matter to a particular person I know how to be cordial and have civil conversation. Don’t hate what I write. Respect it and come with your own concept and I’m going to respect it and as we agree to disagree-without idiotic actions- we can begin the process of building off each other. 

Be Blessed!!!

       Lawrence Brannen


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