​We must be careful when dealing with the average high school football players. What we call toughening up may actually be a hindrance.

In June 2017, Georgia Military College will be hosting a combine for high school football prospects.

Posting this because it’s very important that non-recruits attend combines such as this to give themselves a better chance at furthering their career by gaining notice- which was the whole purpose behind my camp that I was hoping to run April 22 but can’t because no-one signed up. No biggie, I got into sports because it was a life-long passion; a dream. It’s not about the money but this is also my career I’m focusing on which means if I don’t get a single non-recruit a chance at walking-on with a college no matter the division then I’m not doing my job. Young athletes get lost in the sea of dreams every year. Out of every 1,000 high school football players dreaming of playing in the NFL only 2 maybe 3 might make it to the draft with no guarantee of ever touching the field. The few athletes that do make the draft more than likely received special attention to their talent at some point. I’m not just talking, I know this game. It’s been my life. I recruited myself coming out of high school, Savannah State University, never saw the school much less the field. I’ve seen parents that either don’t believe in the talent their child has because it’s not the norm within that family or they push their child to hard in an effort to live out their glory days vicariously through their child eventually causing what was once love (sports) to become hated. If your child expresses interest in playing college football support him and get him some training because there’s a difference between talent and raw talent. Example: Russell Westbrook is talented but his talent has to be cultivated over time to tailor his abilities. LeBron James has raw talent, doesn’t need tailoring just took heart and will. I hope you all gained something from my first blog because it’s very informative. Have a nice one!

      Anthony (Lawrence) Brannen 



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