To Start But Never Finish


There was a loud bang. The whole city roared in excitement as the scene of the aftermath foretold the worst was yet to come. Chaos they all wanted. Sin was the big man on the block and to walk with any type of decent morals only kept one unclothed and vulnerable to the insatiable appetite of the ignorance. Ignorance ruled.

These days we tend to visit Islands although we cannot swim. We tend to jump in the water in an effort to become nothing more than the most palatable shark bait. We tend to take what was once good and create evil. We tend to back down from a thunderous sound. We tend to travel the other side of town and never come back around. We tend to take a person’s happiness and pray that it frowns. We tend to lead a person lost only never to be found. We tend to talk about God when we’re all hell bound. 

I greet you all. My name is Anthony Lawrence Brannen and this is my first formal blog. I used it more as an introductory of what is to come. Born and raised in Georgia I saw many country roads which offered thoughts about what the future held. A sport enthusiast with a knack for writing. I welcome you all and wish you well.


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